When You just CAN’T Do It

For those inevitable times..

When your Slam dunk diminishes to a finger roll, when your ambition to take the stairs falters into giving in to the ease of the elevator, when your weight gain says 2 miles, but your energy and attention says 2 minutes.

You can’t tell me that this isn’t real. We all can relate to those times when you have intention in doing well, however the reality of the necessary actions somehow overwhelms and suppresses your take action instinct leaving you ready to take off your Nike because it has become increasingly apparent that you just can’t do it.

What do you do then?

Believe it or not, what uncompromisingly separates those who are successful and those who are not, is the ability to connect with the end result strongly enough to keep the heart and spirit to sustain until the completion of the project.

So in short, what you do when you reach that point, is you why, and you keep going anyhow. As much as this is easier said than done, when we come to that crossroads between comfort and completion how much can we connect to the purpose of our mission in order to see it to completion.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

Sometimes people around us and in our lives are like a dependable tow truck company that helps us like a roadside service when we run out of gas.

Yes even how I’m sure you can remember a not so convenient time when your vehicle had one issue or the other that left it out of service and needing emergency 24 hours roadside service.

Maybe the tank was empty, maybe you needed someone to replace car flat tire, maybe your battery died and a jump was needed, either way there was a response to your need to find substance to follow through.

Feel the Fire burn inside your heartbeat that increases as it’s filled and fueled by what you find your soul needs to realize that you can follow through and do it!

The Balance of Pace.

Now there is a difference when you realize the actual necessity for a rest and recuperation before you press onward to your goal. There are times when you will have to actually slow down from your fast pace and give your mind and body an opportunity to balance, and therefore the only doing you need to do is take care of yourself…

Running shoes


Here at Nike outlet,

We are known for having an array of different styles to suit whatever athletic pursuit that you are a part of.

One of our biggest divisions of athletic footwear is our running shoe variety.

We have shoes to fit whatever your priority is what are you looking for comfort or whether you looking for lightness, Or whether you’re just looking for something to get the job done and to look good while you’re doing it.

You look good in our shoes.

Have you ever heard that saying you couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes well that’s so funny because we don’t want you to walk. Of course unless you just absolutely want to and that’s totally fine that’s up to you.

But what we do want you to know is that every time you step inside a pair of our running shoes that you are now equipped with the necessary equipment to run a mile in the best shoes available to help you get the job done.

There is a solidified reason why Nike is known to endorse athletes from different types of sports and different levels whether collegiately high school level or even professionally.

And it is also a known fact that we understand each storyline aspect of effective marketing here at Nike.

So turn down for what!?!?

You’re almost to the finish line to the goal of your destintion just lace-up buckle down and keep going.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for more posts coming soon.

Time to Turn It Up



Turn down for what!!!???!?!?

Because you’re definitely turning down because There’s not bigger things to do bigger higher mountains to climb deeper rivers to cross.

Don’t for what notion think that no matter what point do I have in mind that it’s time for you to leave slow down and turned down.

No matter what age no matter where you come from the matter what your background looks like no matter what you did in the matter what you didn’t do growing up no matter what you didn’t used to have, It is time for us to all stand up and move forward full force together.

Don’t worry about the politics..

Because here at Nike we believe in laying your own claim on to the land that you tread and stepping in and make your mark and leave your mark letting them know you were there.

Its by these guiding principles that we have risen above many other companies you started what we started in our house and yet many fell by the wayside and got lost in the sauce.

So this small little humble article comes from a real place in my Heart and mind ¬†as we encourage you reader to never stop with wherever you are, there’s always a next level. Here at Nike we believe in motivating you



Strike when Hot


Once upon a time…

There was a baker who wanted to bake a cake for his household. So he gets out of the mix and all those ingredients and stir them into the bowl and then Proceeds to go and preheat the oven so that it will be ready to Go once the preparation process for the cake is completed.

Now for whatever reason The oven refused to increase the temperature so that it would get to the levels of heat necessary to properly bake the cake.

There was some kind of hemorrhage between the line from where the juice that allowed the gas to get to The broilers thus increasing the temperature allowing the cake to be baked with adequate heat levels.

What if you’re an athlete or a person Who understands the importance of staying active fit and healthy then you probably can relate To know how it feels when the juice runs out for whatever reason and you’re just not as hot as you’re used to being.

That is where we come in. here we are dedicated to Making sure you do not leave without the assurance that you are probably suited to Get fired up and to strike it when it’s hot

The Nike Effect


What is the Nike Effect?

I’m sure you as a long time customer of the brand is asking yourself that same question. You’re like I didn’t know that there was an effect even though I know that I like the brand I know that there are some things that I keep coming back for.

Well yes this is the mark of a successful marketing campaign is that there is an image there is a story that is alongside the logo or the brand.

I’m sure you seen whether it’s the commercials during the halftime show of the of the Superbowl or wether is the Olympics ever when there is another Opportunity for the world of athletics to display the greatness that they have practice for all of the years of their investment.

I’m sure that you can also agree that throughout the years Nike has proven their ability to create a story among the feats that displayed in the athletic world and And allow that momentum to be infused into in the architecture of the apparel and to be able to create that connection with the hungry fans and audience who is ready to be apart of their favorite sports stars careers by buying into their legacy through iconic powerhouses.

And that’s the effect

Styles For Days


Nike is known for our versatility…

Whether you are looking for some cleats to go hit the green to try your skills at golf and see if your swing practice will carry any weight in front of the guys at your work gathering.

Or even if you need to lace up tight to go and break some ankles and teach (or learn) some lessons on the basketball courts at your community YMCA just to stay in shape and keep your skills sharp.

Or maybe you have spent the last year warming the bench in the dugout and you worked relentlessly on your pitching throughout the summer and now you are ready to show em what you got from behind the tape on the mound.

And then there’s some of us who are more or less,,, actually less athletically inclined and more so find Nike shoes your style for fashion reasons.

Let me be the one to tell you and irrevocably assure you that whatever the reason that you are a fan of the Nike brand, you are appreciated, welcomed, and the reason why Nike has become a powerhouse in athletic apparel and footwear.

Be on the lookout for new styles, and new products for the upcoming year as we have working hard to bring fresh new ideas and inspiration to the game..

Just DO it!

Fresh Out the Factory


I hear what you’re saying…

So as long as I keep doing what I need to do for what I need, I don’t mind sitting in these waters and swimming until the pool thinks it’s big enough to stay.


So many changes…


So anyways, why is Nike so popular around the world and fashion industry?

It’s not just because of the shoes themselves, even tho they do have good quality materials and often are good specifications for athletes to perform their sports with comfort and durability.

I’ve seen that from these shoes, and I’ve seen the lack of that from other less quality brands.

However, I can assure you that the determining factor that allowed Nike to grow to its current level of prominence in the designer and athletic shoe world is the marketing and branding aspect of their logo and what they stand for.

The individuals behind the company understand human psychology and have been implementing that into their advertising efforts and have also found their way onto the culture of youth hip hop and pop.

I can relate to a shoe company that aims to impress its customers with not only a product but an experience that engages their expectations keeping them coming back for more

Imma Just Do It


That’s Exactly What I’m a Do….

Like how Malcolm X said, by any means necessary. It shouldn’t be a question of what I’m going to do, once you evaluate what I’ve been doing next to what needs to be done. Check mark

Now the nature of an outlet store is that there are multitudes and masses of products that have all been originated from the primary supplier and you can find an array of different styles and varieties that meet the production company’s standard of authenticity and quality.

We need to see our families and our people come together in an organized manner where there is uniformity of mission and values that accentuates and complements the vast uniqueness that highlights the colourful collage of the peaceful inhabitants of our planet.

Make sure you’re clear in what you’re doing so that the faith and the conviction that propels and guides you through the unknown and unseen, can keep your engine filled enough to sustain you until you reach your terrain where there’s more gain then pain, more strength than strain. So I am saying what I’m doing because I am doing what I’m saying. Because for the time being, it pays to say what I’m doing everyday